Tuesday, May 17, 2011

New Release: Cutie Pie in the Sky

It's here! A brandspanking new kit! Inspired by conversations with my little one. I especially had fun making the papers. The kit is full of elements that could be used for so many occasions. If you like cute, there is lots to use. I especially love the little panda drawing. A funny story... when I taught in Japan oh-so-long ago I used to have a lot of children's classes. Teaching kids was my favourite part of the job. Sometimes I'd have my students draw pictures. I found it strangely mesmerizing and would nearly fall into a trance. I'd get so sleepy. It's true. ANYWAY, what I noticed was that Japanese kids (at least the many I knew) were pretty good at drawing. Maybe it is because of the their training at writing all those hiragana, katakana, and kanji characters? Hmm... something to ponder. I also noticed how they all have set rules on how to draw an image. A rabbit is drawn in certain steps. Eyes have to be big and cartoony or small and dotted. I won't mention how much they loved to draw poo and how it always looks like a cross between a hershey's kiss and a rosette. Ok, I told you. Again, I think their rules about exact steps and ways to draw things also goes back to their learning to write their various alphabets and characters.

So, my little panda cartoon is a tribute to my students from long ago. It has come out of the recesses of my brain. My trance like state of mind has paid off! Wow, those students have probably graduated high school by now. Sigh... time flies. Or at least my little panda does!

Without further ado, here are some images of my kit (click image to go my store at CatScrap):

The paper pack is included in the kit or can be bought separately:

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