Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Edythe Loves Nyal and So Do I!

Today is the release of CatScrap's Fall 2011 Catwalk where all the designers show off their latest creations. I released two paper kits as part of the Edythe Loves Nyal collection. The papers aren't exactly your ordinary patterned papers. They're a little bit retro, a little bit vintage, and a wee bit eclectic. The first kit is called Grandma's Closet. The colours and patterns are a tribute to my Grandma. Yes, a growing theme in my designs. The second kit entitled Grandpa's Basement is a tribute to my Grandpa. There is a theme of cribbage and licorice allsorts in the patterns.

And you guessed it... their names are Edythe and Nyal.

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