Monday, April 16, 2012

Go Fly a Kite!

Let me start off by saying that I love balmy breezy days. Add a little humidity to my day and my mood is sure to be just that much more serene. Today's balminess reminded me of rainy season in Japan. I kept waiting for the rain to fall but so far it hasn't.

The kids and I headed off to the park with our new Easter kites in hand. I didn't take my camera because I know how easy it can be to get caught up in capturing an event rather than just living in the moment and enjoying it. However, halfway to the park I knew I'd missed a lovely photo opportunity. The light was perfect and Lauren was exceptionally cute in her pink tutu and pink corduroy jacket. To me, kites have always been fun but difficult to maneuver. I didn't have high hopes for our success. I was SO wrong! Lauren had her kite flying in seconds. She ran up the hill and then ran back into the middle of the field. I helped Nyal get his flying and he did it! I was amazed but not as much as he was. He was so overflowing with Joy. Jumping for joy! All the while I was thinking "oh, WHY didn't I bring my camera and video camera? Why oh why?" and then tried to just soak it all in anyway. After quite a while, I told them we'd go home and get the cameras and come back for more kite flying. They agreed. Yay!

Well, it is my belief that some moments just aren't meant to be captured. We returned to the park. The wind had died down a bit so Lauren was having trouble getting a lift for her kite. While I helped Nyal he decided he wasn't really into kite flying anymore. Then I got both their kites up in the air as they landed into a pine tree. I managed to free both kites. I started to take a few photos just as my battery died. So I took some quick video as the wind died down. Mostly I filmed Lauren trying to detangle the string wrapped around her legs. Nyal found the sand toys in the wagon and ventured towards the play equipment surrounded by sand. So, we built a castle and came home for some lunch.

I hope I remember this morning always.

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