Sunday, August 14, 2011

Happy 5th Birthday CatScrap!!!

Just here to wish CatScrap a Happy Birthday! Ok, the birthday is in a few days BUT the shop is having sales ALL week to celebrate!

Friday, August 5, 2011

My First Collab, some stuff, and a Blog Challenge & Freebie at the CatScrap Blog,

Where the heck have I been? Where did July go? Shame on me for my poor blogging habits. One of these days I'm going to give my blog the TLC it deserves.

In the meantime, I have oodles to share with you.

1. I am super excited about my VERY FIRST COLLABORATION!!!! MellyBird Designs (uh, that's me) and CheekyMonkey Designs got together and made our first collaboration entitled "Go To Bed". Our initial plan was for a different theme but every time I tried to get to work, my dear sweet and adorable daughter would interrupt with another bedtime request. She struggles with getting to bed in the summer. It turns out we designers shared this night time challenge with our little ones, and a kit was born!

As I write this post, I am dealing with the challenges of getting a child to just "GO TO BED"! Oh, here she is again... and to quote her: "Mommy, I have to blow my nose. Mommy, please get me a tissue, I feel a booger coming out". So, if you'll excuse me, I'll be right back.

Tick tock, tick tock....

I'm back. If I had taken photos and notes of the past 10 minutes I could make a layout using this kit. Oh, and the little blond girl is modeled after my daughter. The purple monster illustration was created from my daughter's description. One night she had used "being scared of purple monsters" as an excuse to stay up. The next day I asked her to describe said monster and this was what it looked like. Not so scary really.

Without further ado, here is Go To Bed:

2. Last Tuesday I released the first two products of my Comfy Kitsch collection. Here is the alpha and paper pack. Stay tuned for more products from this line. 

3. Be sure to check out the blog at CatScrap to download a little freebie I made for a blog challenge.
Post your layout in the gallery and link back in the comments area of the CatScrap blog post. You'll receive a 30% coupon to my store for participating and be entered into a draw that will close at the end of August. The winner will receive $10 to use in my store.

This is what the freebie looks like:

Thanks for reading and have a great day!