Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Updates, updates. Updating....

I would like to go to bed. My computer is updating. A very slow update apparently. Hopefully, it is one that will allow me to actually print my photos! A night of headaches I've had! Now I remember why I detest home printers.

So, while I wait for the update to finish (I'm worried if I go to bed I'll wake up to find it stalled or some such nonsense) I've decided to do a little updating of my own.

I couldn't decide whether to post on my "other" blog, or this design blog. I rarely blog and having two blogs is getting a little confusing for me. 

A LOT has been going on in my little world. Much of it I'm not quite ready to share with the world. It's all very exciting and new to me. So stay tuned for that news in the next few months.

I haven't had a lot of releases in the past month or so. I've got half finished stuff sitting here on my hard drive. I just need to get it all together and packaged up. I'm also working on a collab with someone and it should be really exciting. I've had trouble getting the work done as I'm really tired these days.  Maybe because I stay up waiting for software updates to complete.

Let's see... what has been going on? In February, I went to Utah for Carina Gardner's Designer Workshop. She wrote up a blog post about it and I'm in some of the photos (yay!). A couple days before the workshop I found out another designer from CatScrap would be attending. That blew my mind! Of all people, it was Christine Chodil. I'd collaborated with her on "Go To Bed". She is one of the people I always figured I'd meet but had no idea it would be so soon. It was great to meet her. She's very sweet, funny, and our lives have some parallels. I was very nervous to attend the workshop. For one, I rarely leave my kids and had never left my son before. This was a BIG deal for me. I knew the kids were in good hands with their Daddy and his parents but I missed them and worried none the less. I was also greatly intimidated to hear about the other attendees. Heidi Swapp? Are you kidding me? Deena Rutter? Really? I still drool over her "Happier" line. Lori Whitlock and Samantha Walker, the lovely ladies whose designs I download from the Silhouette website? My heart beat just a wee bit faster. Most of all I was very anxious as I navigated my worries and dreams of being in the design industry (my CatScrap career started just 11 months ago). What does the future hold as I start down this exciting and prettily decorated path? Meeting Carina and her assistant Susan in person was something that seemed very surreal to me. Living where I do, the superstars of the Scrapbook world shine brightly but in the far distance. I never had access to conferences and megacrops or wherever all these people gather. So, yes, it's pretty clear this weekend workshop was definitely an item on my wish list of things to do in my life. It went really well and I enjoyed myself. My only regret is not enjoying myself more. I let my worries and anxiety get to me. By the end of the workshop I finally was able to relax a bit. I guess I needed one more day! Oh, and a shout out to the Little America Hotel's swimming pool. It is my all-time favourite hotel pool to date. An outdoor swim surrounded by mountains as the sun rose. Seriously, that was unforgettable!

My husband went away on business to the Netherlands for 10 days at the end of February.  So, by his return I was really missing the company of people older than three. Then I was busy planning two birthdays (one with a party) and figuring out how to make a unicorn piƱata. I did a pretty good job if I do say so myself! (I will add photos to this post tomorrow maybe) Then the flu struck. A birthday party was delayed but we got through it all and still managed to have fun the next week. Soon after, Spring arrived extra early and we enjoyed a week of summer weather. I raked, played at the park, and cut down trees with my bare hands... seriously, I wrestled a few trees out of their holes. I did! This week, the cold has returned and I am just tired. I'm also really itching to finish (more like start) the collab I'm currently working on; starting up my Project Life (finally!); work on some craft/home decor projects and just take a moment to reflect on how exciting this past year has been. I and a little sleep.

Ok, I'm going to bed! I hope this was coherent.

Night night!