Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The complete collection is finally here! Get COMFY and grab some KITSCH!

Way back at the end of July I released two pieces of my Comfy Kitsch collection (paper pack #1 and the alpha). The plan was to release the entire collection soon after. As often is the case, life intervened and put the collection on hold. I've finally completed it and it is in stores TODAY!  You can buy each product individually or bundled up as a complete collection. The bundle is a significant savings.

I called it Comfy Kitsch because it reminds me of simpler times, childhood, warm blankets and memories of my grandparents. As a child at my grandparent's house I'd wander through the rooms and snoop through drawers (I mostly had permission to do so) curious to see all the wonderful treasures hidden inside. My grandma was a renaissance woman. She was an expert seamstress, a hairdresser by profession, a women with style, and very crafty. Ha, I meant she was good with her hands. ANYWAY... I'd find wonderful costume jewelry (from the seventies), scarves, hair pins, bobbins, perm curlers, beads, rick rack, odds and ends of various sorts. When I conjure up those memories it is as if I can feel the texture of the objects, I can smell the cooking on grandma's stove and the wood stove in the basement. I can hear their voices. It is enough to make me cry for a time that lives only in memory. Comfy Kitsch is my attempt to recreate that feeling.

I hope you enjoy it! For the next few days it is 30% at CatScrap. The bundle is definitely the best deal. If you purchase it, do be sure to leave a comment with a link to your gallery so I can see what you've made. It would make my day!

Thank you for reading! Happy Tuesday!

Here is the bundle and each individual product:

and two layouts from CatScrap's design team (the "home" alpha is by creashens)
by Susanne

 by Fe