Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Small Victories

Today is a windy, chilly, wish-I-could-stay-in-bed-all-day-kinda-day. The kids are getting a little stir crazy. I'm getting a little tense. So, I got up the nerve to take us on a little outing. You would think it wouldn't take nerve to go for a drive. Well, the truth is that I suffer from some anxiety when it comes to driving. I avoid it if I can. Did you know that about me? I keep my drives as short and local as possible.  I stew days before going for long road trips on the highway. I get rattled driving into busy sections of the city. I just don't bother unless I have to. I mostly drive to get to the library, my daughter's dance class, medical appointments,  grocery shopping, and anything that doesn't get too far into town.

Recently, I found out that there is a scrapbook store in the area. They even carry Carta Bella Paper! I heard it about the store recently and was surprised I hadn't known about it. It is actually a wholesaler with a retail store attached. They sell to retailers across the nation. I've been living in this city for four years and I truly thought there were no scrapbook stores to be found. I thought I'd have to Montreal to see my paper when it comes to stores.

So, I've been itching to check this store out. I decided today would be a good day. I wrote down the directions and was pleasantly surprised to find out the route was very direct and not overly full of traffic. I got the kids all ready. Nyal was in need of socks and Lauren was wearing a fairy dress that would leave her chilly. She ended up with a long sleeved dress with decidedly mismatched socks to wear. Pippylongstocking was her goal. I myself, was stylin' in my green sweats, pink hoodie, and red converse. We got in the car and off we went. The highlight of the drive was looking over to see a car with its tailgate up, parked at the entrance of a hiking trail. There stood a man playing his saxophone, clearly very into it the way he was bent over. He reminded me of Bill Clinton.

We entered the store and I was so excited. All the lovely brand names I drool over in magazines. All the stuff I thought I'd have to buy online or drive hours to purchase. Yippee! The store clerk was extra friendly and asked my kids to be her helpers and help her make a craft. Thank you!!! My daughter was thrilled. My son preferred to touch all the beads. When I told him "eyes only, no touching" he decided maybe he'd just like to be carried around. Sleepy boy! So, we checked out the selection. Carta Bella's Beautiful Moments by Carina Gardner wasn't on the shelves. I asked the clerk and she said it was in the warehouse as they give priority to wholesale and stuff trickles into the retail store afterward. I told her why I wanted to see it and she brought out a sample paper for me to look at. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! I really wanted to feel the texture of the paper. I made some purchases and we headed home. The kids listened to "Go, Dog, Go" and were happily occupied while my mind wandered to supper preparation. I have my best ideas when I'm preoccupied with a mundane task. I'm making pita bread pizzas and I had this total brainwave of an idea to slip mozzarella into the pocket of the pita before putting on the toppings. Cross your fingers that it works!

I think I'll be revisiting the store again, sooner than later!

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